20 Years Of Progressive Accounting Experience

8 years Progressive HR Experience

Master's Degree

Public and Private Accounting Experience

Genske & Co. is founded, ran and operated by Neota Genske (and her fantastic team of accountants). 

Neota Genske started in accounting in 2000 as a bookkeeper. Through the years, and prior to starting Genske & Co.,  she has been an accountant at both private and public companies and finalized her career as the VP Finance for an international 

sustainability organization. 

Since starting Genske & Co. in 2013, Neota has gained amazing, impactful and extremely notable clients. 

Her passion is in helping organizations and companies realize and benefit from financial health. 

About the Owner


We operate remotely in all 50 States with offices in Lake Mary, Florida and Champaign, Illinois.


(321) 926-3872

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